Your personal guide on your journey to wellness!

Emotional Wellness

The awareness and acceptance of feelings and emotions. Learn More

Intellectual Wellness

The openness to new concepts and ideas. Learn More

Spiritual Wellness

The process of self-understanding, based on a set of beliefs, principles or values that give guidance to one’s actions. Learn More

Environmental Wellness

The recognition of interdependence with nature. Learn More

Social Wellness

The ability to perform social roles effectively, comfortably, and without harming others. Learn More

Physical Wellness

Maintenance of a healthy body through good nutrition, exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits. Learn More

Occupational Wellness

The ability to enjoy a chosen career and/or contribute to society through volunteering. Learn More

Purpose & Policy

This site was developed in order to help those interested in making progress toward their goals. We encourage users of this site to submit articles and/or information they have found helpful in working toward a balanced lifestyle.

Wellness Committee

The role of the Chancellor's Committee on Wellness is to assist in establishing and maintaining a healthy and well campus environment.


Bring Wellness to your group/department/unit! The UNL Campus Recreation Wellness Program can help you bring Wellness to your department or group. Learn more and/or schedule a FREE workshop.