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Join in with your friends and co-workers to move more during your day. The Wellness Initiative is proud to offer Walker Tracker, an online, interactive activity tracking program designed around YOU. Learn how to get started and everything it has to offer here.

7 on the 7th

Stuck at your desk most of the day? Once a month, UNL Campus Recreation Wellness Services staff will provide 7 exercises to do for 1-minute (total of 7 min) to get you moving during your day. Move a little to think more clearly and stretch/strengthening your muscles for a successful work day. We encourage you to complete 7 on the 7th each work day of the month. 

Campus Walking Maps

Several UNL buildings and outside area routes have already been mapped to help you achieve your walking goals (Recommendation: 10,000 steps/day). Check it out: Employees are provided 15 minute break in the morning and the afternoon. How are you using this 30-min/day?

Department Highlight

The Wellness Initiative wants to highlight departments who have a "Wellness In Action" activity. You can request a video to be made for your program here!

Executive Vice Chancellor's Office - Cooking Class

The Executive Vice Chancellor's Office enjoying their meal that they made in the Wellness Kitchen as part of a team-building cooking class!

The Executive Vice Chancellor's Office enjoying their meal that they made in the Wellness Kitchen as part of a team-building cooking class!

Selleck Dining - 7 on the "10th"

Just becuase it's called 7 on the 7th, doesn't mean it's only for the 7th of the month; it's meant for any day of the month! Selleck Dining got together on April 10th to do all 7 of the stretches and exercises as a team!

Selleck Dining participates in 7 on the 7th

Check out what the School of Natural Resources is doing!