The Chancellor's Committee on Wellness


The role of the Chancellor's Committee on Wellness is to assist in establishing and maintaining a healthy and well campus environment.  It is the responsibility of the Committee to develop the mission, goals and objectives for health and wellness programming at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as review and advocate for future planning proposals and programming for students, faculty and staff.


  • Review current wellness programming at UNL and develop plans to improve coordination and promotion of those efforts.
  • Review Faculty and Staff Health Risk Assessment (HRA) results and recommend appropriate wellness programming to address the needs of all employees outlined in the survey.
  • Develop a proposal for the implementation of a full-fledged wellness program for the UNL community.
  • Develop a strategic plan for future wellness programming (3-5 year plan).

Committee Priorities for 2017-2018

Impact the Culture of UNL faculty/staff and students:

  • Inform/Educate about the Seven Elements of Wellness Model and application of well-being
  • Connect to free or reduced cost wellness-related resources on campus
  • Build positive lifestyles through programming on campus.  To request a free workplace wellness workshop, fill out and email the online form found here.  
  • Provide an avenue to support the well-being of our UNL community through Wellness Ambassadors.  If your department does not have a wellness representative, find out how to get involved here. Contact Amanda Robine for more information.  
  • Visit The Wellness Model for campus resources in each wellness element*
  • Provide opportunities to attend campus wellness-related events.

What is the Annual Health Risk Assessment?

Each year in November, all employees are invited to participate in an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The HRA is a valuable educational tool designed to help you learn important information about your current health status and how to improve it. This assessment helps employees get a better understanding of their current health status along with providing them with a personal health report.

Enhanced Benefits:

Employees who are covered by the university's Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance, and who complete the HRA, are also eligible for the following enhanced wellness & preventative services benefits.

  • Increased annual adult preventative allowance from $250 to $300.
  • Increased dependent child (under age 2) preventative allowance from $500 to $600.
  • 100% coverage for routine preventative colonoscopy once every 10 years beginning at age 50. (Services must be provided by a Blue Cross Blue Shield).
  • $0 copay for generic prescription drugs using mail service only.

2016 UNL HRA Results 

Annual Results of HRA:

*4,244 participants *45% 50+           *96%: 3+ mod health risks

Health Risk Levels

*59% low risk            *39% mod risk           *2% high risk

Top Modifiable Health Risks

*70% Inadequate exercise                    *62% BMI high

*82% Less than 5 F/V                             *85% less than 5 fiber

*30% Appropriate health screenings  *40% mid/low HDL

*Note: BP & Chol. 1/5                            *Cancer/HD: 50%+

Culture Audit

56% believe UNL cares about health status
94% view personal health as important
44% feel encouraged at work to be healthy 
33% feel a strong wellness program is in place
10% think those who lead healthy lifestyles are incentivized
7% feel rewarded for being healthy
37% think it is normal to exercise during workday
48% think it is normal to eat healthy at work
70% think it is normal not to smoke
70% made changes for health over past year
50% want to work on fitness
31% want to work on nutrition   
16% want to work on screening programs (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) 
15%  Immunization & stress reduction

Create awareness of wellness as a UNL priority.

  1. Identify resources on campus that educate/provide ongoing support for wellness.
  2. Promote identified resources: Promotion may include placement of resource on the wellness website, faculty/staff emails or newsletters, sponsorship of wellness programs such as EveryMove, and/or supporting media events.
  3. Identify and support monthly wellness educational campaigns/programming/endeavors for faculty/staff. Supporting these endeavors may include sponsoring, advertising, or financially contributing to wellness activities. Financial resources could support items such as faculty/staff health fairs, catering services for kickoff event, production or purchasing of educational and/or promotional materials, purchasing incentives and awards for wellness resources, biometric screenings, and/or speaker and workshop fees.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln strives to bring employees excellent resources and support in Wellness.

Stan Campbell and Kimberly Barrett represent UNL to receive the "Governor's Excellence in Wellness", Sower Award, October 2011.

Sower Award 2011
University of Nebraska- Lincoln is a proud member of WorkWell, Worksite Wellness Department - Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

On the Committee

The Committee on Wellness consists of representatives from a cross-section of campus including the following areas of 13 members. Future sub-committees may be added as needed. Committee members will be recommended by the chair and appointed by the Senior Administrator for a 2-year term except the student members who will serve a 1-year term.

  • Representation after the first 2-years will be staggered to allow for continuity.
  • Representatives wishing to remain on the committee after their 2-year appointment may do so with the approval of the Chair and Senior Administrator.

Be Involved with the Committee

  • Meetings are open to all members of the University.
  • Representatives are not required to have a health or wellness background only a desire to meet the purpose of the committee.
  • Want to be a part of the Committee? Send your contact information and an explanation of why/how you would like to be involved to Amanda Robine


Brenda Osthus

Director, Environmental Health & Safety 

Amanda Robine

Wellness Services & Nutrition Coordinator

Mary Bruce

Specialist, Communication

Vicki Highstreet

Associate Director for Recreation Programming

Gayle Schanou

Director, Benefits % Risk Management

Alycia Harden

College of Arts & Sciences

Kieth Zaborowski

Associate Director, Housing Residence Life

Suzanne Reinke

Project Specialist II, Sponsored Programs

Jamie Porter

Nebraska Medical (UNHC)

Megan Kelley

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Health Sciences

Kyla Gorji

EAP Counselor


Meeting Notes

Meetings will be held the 3rd Thursday/month beginning in September.


October, 2017  

November, 2017

December, 2017

No meeting in January, 2018

February, 2018

May 2018


October, 2016

November, 2016 

No meetings in December or January

February, 2017

March, 2017

April, 2017