Get Involved: Be a Wellness Ambassador

Join Our Team of Wellness Ambassadors

In order to assist the Chancellor's Committee on Wellness to promote, plan and model a balanced lifestyle, we are in search of Wellness Ambassadors. The wellness ambassadors are people interested in helping themselves and others within their process of awareness to make healthy choices in order to meet their individual goals.

There is no body type, education level, department or position to become a Wellness Ambassador! Only the desire to help promote wellness at UNL and encourage others to work toward a more balanced lifestyle. If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Ambassador, please contact us at 472-3410 or email

Workplace Wellness Workshop Opportunity

Wellness workshops will raise employee awareness about their health, help them understand their susceptibility to stress and disease, motivate them to make important changes that will reduce risks and enhance the quality of their lives. Workshop topics include: nutrition and/or healthy eating, general physical activity, adding physical activity into your workday, deskercises, energy/stress management, and more! Customizable presentations, workshops, and events are available by request.

Schedule a Workshop

To schedule a workshop for your group, please fill out the Workplace Wellness Request Form at least 2 weeks in advance. Some workshops may be co-hosted with other UNL departments.

Download the Workplace Wellness Request Form

Want to become a Wellness Ambassador? Watch the video below then fill out this registration form!