Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

The ability to seek knowledge and activities that further develop critical thinking and global awareness.


Campus Recreation Resources

  • Campus Recreation offers a variety of instructional, academic and outreach classes. Participants in these classes can learn everything from CPR/First Aid to Scuba Diving. 

Intellectual Wellness Resources for Students

  • The Center for Civic Engagement encourages students to connect curricular and co-curricular learning with opportunities to address critical human need through service, civic-related research and social change leadership.
    • By participating in the Civic Engagement Certificate, students will develop their ability to change the world, and in the words of one student, "See the world as something more than just yourself."
  • The Ethics Center's mission is to highlight the importance of critical thinking and moral reasoning in resolving ethical dilemmas and to encourage its exploration in the context of different disciplines and methods of inquiry.
  • The E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues aims to bring a diversity of viewpoints on international and public policy issues to the university and the residents of the state to promote understanding and encourage debate. 
  • Thomas C. Sorensen Policy Seminar Series promotes discussion of policy issues among Nebraskans, encourages participation in public affairs and running for office, and educating newly elected officials.
  • The Women's Center is located on the third floor of the Nebraska Union, room 340. There you will find a resource library, a meeting room for discussion groups, a welcoming space for conversations, studying, or just relaxing, and the working spaces of the Gender Programs’ staff.
  • Men @ Nebraska is a recognized student organization that works through the Women’s Center to expand the definitions of masculinity and explore the issues men experience at UNL and beyond. Open to people of all genders, M@N meets weekly on Thursdays at 2 pm in 338 Nebraska Union for discussions and to plan events like Men @ Nebraska Week and a spring Men and Masculinities conference.

Intellectual Wellness Resources for Faculty & Staff

  • The University Association for Administrative Development provides leadership, networking, professional development and growth for the university’s managerial/professional employees.
  • The purpose of Univeristy of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA) is to provide professional growth and promote high professional standards for educational office professionals with the University of Nebraska, as partners upholding the quality of service to the university educational system and the community.
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln participates in shared governance between the faculty and administration through the Faculty Senate. Established in 1974 the Faculty Senate is a representative body of members elected by the faculty of the various academic departments and units of UNL.

Community Resources

  • Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau has a list of museums around the city, offering the opportunity for intellectual engagement and learning.

  • Lincoln Libraries fosters the reading and access of many forms of information to enrich lives. You can rent movies, books and more. They feature a book each month and host book discussion groups.


  • Reading & learning for fun
  • Participation in class, organization
  • Adopting a new hobby
  • Traveling
  • Adequate sleeping patterns
  • Self-help information

Wellness Pulse Check:

Decorative image with no discernible characteristics
Are you engaged in the process of Intellectual Wellness?

Evaluate your own intellectual wellness with this brief quiz.

  • Am I open to new ideas?
  • Do I seek personal growth by learning new skills?
  • Do I search for lifelong learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities?
  • Do I look for ways to use creativity?
If you answered "No" to any of the questions, it may indicate an area where you need to improve the state of your intellectual wellness.

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