4th Annual Earthstock

This spring, the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) will be hosting its 4th annual Earthstock:  Four Weeks to Learn and Grow, a month-long celebration of the planet that takes place throughout the month of April.  Its purpose is to engage a diverse audience of UNL students and Lincoln community members to build an understanding about the urgency and feasiblity of sustainability.  

Earthstock Events PDF!


Provide UNL students, staff, and faculty with outlets to become educated and participate in environmental programming that will encourage spending time outdoors and being mindful about individual behaviors which impact the natural world. 

Sponsorship Levels:  

Earthstock 2017 Sponsorship Levels 

Earthstock is contingent upon generous support of the university.  This entirely student run organization, has limited funds avaialbe.  This is why they are looking for innovative pillars to the UNL's leadership to support this initative.  Sponsorship levels are available for every budget and will provide a set of benefits.  Please look into the document above for further information.  

"Help us build a positive culture of environmental sustainability by creating a community of passionate and educated students."


Shelby Janke

Vice Chair- ASUN Envionmental Sustainability Committee