Wellness Initiative Purpose & Policy

Getting Started

This site was developed in order to help those interested in making progress toward their goals. Because everyone is in a different place there are a variety of resources some main stream and others more alternative in nature. We encourage users of this site to submit articles and/or information they have found helpful in working toward a balanced lifestyle.

Wellness Policy

To support wellness as a UNL priority, all departments/units are encouraged to designate and support a wellness ambassador to create and/or organize wellness initiatives within their area. Wellness activities should reflect one or more of the seven elements of wellness, namely: physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, environmental, and intellectual wellness. Activities could include, but are not limited to, promoting educational campaigns, fostering participation in wellness-related activity, sponsoring health fairs, and facilitating health-related programming (e.g., physical activity, stress management, smoking cessation, or healthy eating). Collaboration among departments is highly recommended.